Rumor: Halo Reach Leaked

According to rumors from Joystiq and a few other sites, the upcoming Bungie release Halo: Reach has been leaked.  Amazing thing is that it’s been leaked from XBOX Live rather than a full disc copy.  According to reports, several hacking guru’s managed to stimulate the download code for Halo: Reach. 

When asked about the code they said it was signed by Microsoft and therefore works on non-modified XBOX’s as well.  They said that they will not be distributing the copy elsewhere so not to expect it on mod forums.

We would NEVER… EVER… have a modded XBOX so this really upsets us!  However, if someone out there were to find a leaked copy, you should let us know.  Because well, we need to uh… report the news and such.

Stay Strong Gamers

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