MAG 1.07 Available August

MAG never seems to stop giving it’s players new DLC and updates.  Now in August (that’s right, only a little over a week from now), players will be given a lot more to rejoice about:

  • A new “Happy Hour” Double XP bonus that’s applied to the first hour of any player’s gameplay session in a 24-hour period.
  • Suppression will join Sabotage as a “Faction Neutral” gameplay mode, allowing any PMC to battle each other on any Suppression map.
  • Faster download and patching code that allows us to update MAG with more content and bigger file sizes in a speedier way.
  • Redesigned versions of the Flores Basin (Raven) and Alyeska Terminus (Valor) Domination maps that include new obstacles and repaired exploits.
  • New lighting effects for more attractive and realistic environments.
  • Various fixes to address bugs or glitches to improve MAG’s overall performance.

While these are the main points of interest in the future update, there will be other fixes coming as well.

MAG may not have been the most seamless running online FPS when it was first released, but it is definitely the hardest working one.  They are constantly trying to correct problems and make the experience better for everyone.  Look for this version to be released early August.

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One Response to MAG 1.07 Available August

  1. dylantalon says:

    I can’t wait. Mag is among the the best fps online.

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