Playstation Plus vs. XBOX Live

Here they are side by side for you to really make a good decision.


  • Video Chat
  • Online Play
  • Cross-Game Voice Chat
  • Netflix
  • Sky Player
  • Xbox Live Marketplace Access (early access)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • last.FM
  • Zune
  • TrueSkill Matchmaking
  • Developer/Celebrity Gaming Nights
  • XBOX Live Game Exclusives

PLAYSTATION PLUS ($49.99/year)

  • 4 Games Per Month Free (1x PSN game, 2x minis, 1x PS One classic)
  1. This Month:  Wipeout HD (Regularly $19.99, free with subscription)
    Rally Cross PS1 Classic ($5.99, free with subscription)
    Age of Zombies mini ($4.99, free with subscription)
    Warhawk Fallen Star Pack ($1.99, free with subscription)
    Collision PS3 Premium Theme
    Fat Princess Red and Blue Premium Avatars
  • 2 Dynamic Themes Per Month
  • 2 Premium Avatars Per Month
  • Member-Only Game Add-Ons
  • 20% – 50% Discounts on Select PS Store Games and More
  1. This Month:

Gauntlet II $2.50 ($4.99)
Mortal Kombat II $2.50 ($4.99)
Rampage $2.50 ($4.99)

Cuboid Full Game – $7.99 ($9.99)
Cuboid Booster Pack – Free ($2.99)
Cuboid Bundle Pack – Free ($4.99)
Cuboid Level Editor – Free ($3.99)
Hamster Ball – $7.99 ($9.99)
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos – $7.99 ($9.99)
Magic Orbz $7.99 – ($9.99)
Magic Orbz Booster Pack – Free ($2.99)
Magic Orbz Jungle Pack – Free ($2.99)
Mahjong Tale: Ancient Wisdom – $7.99 ($9.99)
Mahjong Tale Booster Pack – Free ($4.99)
Smash Cars – $11.99 ($14.99)
Smash Cars Virus Run Addon – Free ($2.99)
Wakeboarding HD – $11.99 ($14.99)

  • Early Beta Access
  • Early Demo Access
  • 2 Full Retail Game Trials Per Month
  • Automatic Updates (even with PS3 turned off will be pushed to your system)
  • Qore Subscription ($24.99 a year, free with subscription)

Keep in mind that the free games and services will only be available while you are a subscriber.  Once your subscription ends these products will be gone until you renew your subscription.

It’s important to understand that XBOX Live and Playstation Plus aren’t the same thing.  XBOX Live requires you to pay for online service if you want to play online games.  It’s a service almost strictly for that purpose.  Playstation Plus isn’t a service so that you can play online.  Online matchmaking is free through the Playstation Network.  Instead, Playstation Plus is a service offered for discounts and exclusives.

The ultimate deciding factor is whether you think discounts/free games is worth your subscription.  Is it something Playstation owners can live without?  Absolutely.

The choice is yours!

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