Mobile Gamers vs. Online Casual Gamer

Online casual games and mobile games are becoming increasingly popular. At the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE the research institute gamematrix and games publisher Greentube, a leading developer and provider of Gaming Solutions for the Internet, mobile devices and iTV, presented the first results of their study, which compares demographic data provided by several market research institutes and analyses the user behaviour of online and mobile casual gamers. The study is based on current data provided by (among others) Greentube, the digital research institute comScore and the Today’s Gamers Study 2009 as well as research results of the associations BITKOM and BVDW.

Male consumers, for instance, are forerunners in using paid mobile and online contents. Also of interest is that online casual gamers are the social networkers of today. The number of online gamers increased by 30 percent in 2009. Strategy, puzzle and action games, as well as time-consuming MMOs are the most popular genres. Online gamers are indeed prepared to spend money on their hobby. Generally they are receptive to advertisements: every third user actively clicks on ads. (Source: BVDW Online Games report 2010)

Compared to online gamers, mobile gamers mostly do not play regularly. Yet, they use their mobile phones more often for gaming than for accessing the mobile internet. Pre-installed games are still more popular than download content, which is primarily due to costs. Those who already have downloaded one game are more likely to do this again sometime in the future. Mobile games mainly attract a young target group of 13- to 24-year-olds. Nevertheless revenue of EUR 140 million was generated with mobile games in 2009 in Germany alone.


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