Fable III will be going episodic just like Fable II

Peter Molyneux let the cat out of the bag today when he told the world that Fable III, like Fable II, will be going episodic sometime after the retail release of the game. He wasn’t quite sure at first whether they were going to make it episodic or not but he say that it makes too much sense to not do it eventually.

“We are driving to sell more than five million units and to make a profit in excess of $150 million,” said Molyneux, “We have to do that because if a franchise doesn’t reach that level it will inevitably wither.”

Like Fable II the first chapter will be free to play and then the player will be asked to pay for each additional episode separately or purchase the entire game altogether. This makes good business sense for Lionhead Studios because it is unlikely that players will purchase the full game after it is out on shelves for a year or so. This will entice players to at least purchase a couple episodes to give the studio a little more cash. So all you Molyneux fans better be looking forward to seeing Fable III this holiday season for the XBox 360!

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