E3: Hands-On Driver San Francisco

By: Chase McCullough

Driver: San Francisco was sort of an under-the-radar game at E3 for me but once I started playing it the excitement took over immediately. The concept of this game is simple in that you are a guy that is in a coma and has this reality where he can warp into anybody’s mind.

The new thing in this game is called “shifting.” What the developers wanted to do was to make it so the player never had to actually get out of the car, run to another car, and get in that car. With just the push of a button your mind will shift out of that car and you can navigate around to another car. Hit that same button again and you will take control of that driver. It really is a pretty cool concept that looks better than it actually sounds. By doing this the players can take on multiple missions around town. Missions just pop up and you can select them and every mission is played with a separate person in every car like you’re taking over their mind.

After just driving around and showing us all the cool things you can do with the shift mechanic the developer showed us a mission that had you take over the mind of a police officer to chase down a criminal. He was shifting in and out of several cars to take out the criminal and ended up taking over a semi at the end of the demo and taking it head on into the criminal’s car. It was pretty cool.

I personally am excited for Driver: San Francisco because I love arcade racers. We’ll see whether the developer can make the shift mechanic work for a whole game though. It does seem that they are really excited to show more so I’m sure that they will be able to come up with some very clever ideas. Look forward to this game coming out this holiday season!

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