E3: Final Fantasy 14 Hands-On with 3D (and non-3D)

By: Ryan Taillon

Once again, we were able to “muscle” our way back into the Final Fantasy closed door area and my God am I glad that we did. I have played almost every MMO that is out on the market and I can tell you that even in this early stage of development I have never seen an MMO look as good as Final Fantasy 14. The game is gorgeous. It looks more like Final Fantasy 13 than an MMO and simply crushes everything else out there. I can’t even fathom what this game will look like upon completion.

What really matters in a great MMO is the user interface. Again Square has out done themselves. Its so clean it really transports you in to the world that is Final Fantasy 14. Anything that you could possibility want to do is no more than three button pushes away.  For those of you out there who are afraid of MMO’s due to their intense button configuration and confusing interface, have no fear about FF14.  It’s so simple it makes me angry that it hasn’t always been like this.

I was able to to play a quest with three other members of the press that took about 10 minutes to complete. A few things stand out right away. Upon receiving a quest you have the ability to choose the difficulty.  This means that you could play any quest at any time with any number of people. No more waiting around for the perfect group. Just get up and go. Players from FF11 will be able to jump in and so many things will feel familiar, but not the same.

Lastly, I want to talk about the different character options. Again if you have played Final Fantasy 11 you’ll know what to expect here. The cool thing here is that there are so many different options that you could spend hours to make your character your own. From voice, skin color, face options, to outfit, it’s all here.

While it will still be quite sometime until we see this game, I have to tell you I can’t wait for it. I was a fan of FF11, however anyone that played that game would say that there were some fundamental flaws in the game. FF14 looks to change all of that while keeping this a true Final Fantasy experience.

By: Anthony Accinelli

In the same booth that Ryan was able to play FF14 I was able to play on an adjacent 3-monitor screen in 3D.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  A 3-MONITOR SET UP FOR FINAL FANTASY 14 IN 3D!!!  It was incredible to see this gorgeous world wrap around me as I explored the vast world that is FF14.

The only complain I had was that since the 3D is stereoscopic (and both eyes are focusing on separate things) my eyes began to hurt and a headache followed shortly after;  and this is after only 10 minutes of gameplay.  So keep in mind that while this may look a lot more badass, if you are prone to any sort of headache/migraine, 3D won’t be the way you want to go.

Look for the gameplay video to be posted by tomorrow at the very latest.

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