E3: Hands-On Kinect Motion Sports

By: Anthony Accinelli

I was lucky enough to be able to play Motion Sports for the upcoming Kinect by Microsoft (the game is by Ubisoft however).  I can’t lie when I say that all my pessimism towards Kinect was completely thrown out the door as I juked my way to the endzone and carved my way down the mountain.

It was a thrilling and completely new experience that no other motion controller could have simulated.  To be controller-less and still able to control a character was such an odd feeling, but one that made me happy inside.

Watching the Kinect system size me up, take my picture, throw it on the cover of magazines and make me feel like I was the real deal was an amazing sensation.  I can’t wait for hardcore games to be released once developers get used to the technology, but until then games like Motion Sports will be more than fine.

Check out the video above to see what I’m talking about.

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