E3: Hands-On Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Thanks to an absolutely wonderful PR representative for Ubisoft, we were given VIP passes to all the behind-doors exhibits at E3 this year.y  The very last game we got our hands on yesterday was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

The game is set in a time “Sooner than you think” and the mission we saw was against a Ukranian crime ring of sorts.  The first major differences that I noticed were a graphics overhaul, a more over-the-shoulder perspective than previous games, more weapons, and the ability to actually go invisible “Ghost” on the fly.

We played a mission where we needed to sneak through the camp to kill the gang leader.  By waiting for the right moments and initiating active camouflage, we were able to sneak around enemies without any alert.  Once we came close enough to the main enemy we called in our snipers who eliminated his bodyguards, allowing us the opportunity to complete our mission.

The second mission we played was much more in the middle of a battle.  We were tasked with simply getting through the war-torn environment by any means necessary.  Running and jumping moves the camera much like Gears of War and firing at enemies is much more intense and accurate than previous releases.  At the end of the mission we had to pick up a sniper and take a shot on a helicopter gunner.  Listening to the chief countdown “3-2-1-Fire” was an epic experience and only added to the already intensely realistic environment that is Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

Slated for release Spring 2011, we will unfortunately have to wait a very long time to play this.  I have a great feeling that it’s going to be worth the wait.

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