Razzle Dazzle! NBA Jam is Back!!!

So while this may not be much of a news article per say, we got our hands on the new NBA Jam and it’s freaking ridiculous.

We played as the Trail Blazers against the Phoenix Suns.  The Suns players were a couple of other media individuals (who will remain nameless) and we straight owned them.  Beat them by 18 points.  Here’s the catch:  the other guy had played the game in the past.

The reason I bring that up is the game is so seamless and simple to play, that any one can pick it up and have a ton of fun.

Alley-Oops, dunks, 3-point shots, defense, blocks, everything is incredibly smooth.  The animations from the head down are flawless (especially for a Wii title).  The best way to explain the faces of the characters would be that they look like cardboard cut-outs.  Facial expressions and the way they move is hilarious and very indicative of what this game is trying to do.

It’s easily the most fun game we have played so far at E3 and I can’t wait to get my hands on the final copy.

Stay tuned for a lot more information on this game.

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