NCAA Football 2011: Players have Weight

I was fortunate enough to get a hands-on gameplay with the finished product of NCAA Football 2011.

The one major change is that players have weight.  In other words, a receiver is going to FEEL faster than a lineman.  Each player takes time to accelerate and decelerate.  What’s amazing is how this actually makes a huge difference in how you play and how it feels to play.

Playbooks and the overall feel of each team is much more on par than any installments previous, and the game is much more polished.

I can’t lie to you guys.  I have been severely disappointed with the previous games.  I just feel that they are reincarnations of the same game year after year after year.  This installment however is phenomenal.  Ryan Taillon played a little bit and said he hasn’t felt that good after scoring a touchdown in a very long time.

Look for this game to blow the sh** out of every game in previous years.

Once again gameplay videos will be posted so keep checking

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