Kane and Lynch 2: Not going to Suck

Another note that we want to tell you about is the upcoming title Kane and Lynch 2.  We got a very thorough hands-on experience with both the multiplayer and the single-player modes.

Multiplayer is the only game we played today that we didn’t want to stop playing.  One of the modes we played involved being on a team of bank robbers.  Your goal was to escape the police while gaining money from kills and pick-ups.  What made this awesome was that the money amount was shown above your teammates.  If you wanted to be an asshole you could kill the player with the most money which would then be shifted to your total.  The catch here is that you then became a “traitor” and the entire time could (and most of the time would) kill you.  When you respawn you would then become a cop and your goal is make sure no one else gets to the escape van.  It lent itself to a lot of strategy and was a very nice change to the common theme.

Single player had a very gritty look and feel to it.  The developer, Luke Valentine, explained it incredibly well as being ugly yet beautiful.  I haven’t seen a game that looks like this and I really, really enjoyed it.  The camera moves similar to a third-person watching the action, and the overall look of the game was dark and dreary.

Look for gameplay videos of this up later this week.

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