All-new levels, power-ups and the return of Yoshi, in a game that’s out of this world

9th June 2010 – One of the best-loved video game characters on Earth is about to go galactic again in a spectacular new adventure. Launching across Europe exclusively for the Wii console on 11th June, Super Mario Galaxy 2 sends players on a remarkable intergalactic adventure designed to please fans and series newcomers alike.

Like its celebrated predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy 2 lets you take control of Mario as he travels between and around a host of planet worlds, each one beautifully and imaginatively realised. By collecting Power Stars, solving delightfully creative puzzles and exploring the weird and wonderful worlds, you’ll find yourself immersed in a quest to rescue Princess Peach from the malevolent Bowser.

With an array of new power-ups, gravity-defying levels and inventive game options, Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes Mario gameplay to a new dimension. For the first time in the Galaxy series, you can hop on the back of Mario’s much-loved pal Yoshi, who aids him on his quest in certain stages. Again for the first time, you are able to choose whether to play as Mario or his brother, Luigi, in the later stages of the game.

New power-ups in Super Mario Galaxy 2 include Cloud Mario, which lets Mario create temporary cloud platforms, and Rock Mario, which allows him to smash through obstacles as a boulder. With the Spin Drill item, he can tunnel from one side of a planet to another. Items such as the new Dash Pepper and Blimp Fruit give Yoshi the power to move around in unusual ways, like running up vertical walls or floating to new heights. Yoshi can also use his tongue to grab enemies and items, or to swing across dangerous chasms. In addition to Power Stars, collect Comet Medals to unlock even more challenging levels.

For friends who enjoy gaming together and have an additional Wii Remote controller, Super Mario Galaxy 2 offers the Co-Star mode originally introduced in Super Mario Galaxy, but now with even more ways to interact. This mode allows two players to team up and cooperate as they zoom from planet to planet, where the second player controls a Luma that can defeat enemies, grab coins and pick up Starbits.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 also features in-game guides that illustrate how to perform certain moves and clear tricky levels, lending players of any experience level a helping hand as they progress through the game.

For more information about Super Mario Galaxy 2, visit and start the countdown to launch of this gravity-defying, mind-boggling and exciting adventure. Super Mario Galaxy 2 touches down in Europe on 11th June – only for Nintendo Wii.

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