I Told You So! New GoldenEye Rumored for October Release!

Rumor’s have been circulating pretty heavily for several months now about the possible release of a new GoldenEye.  According to http://www.gonintendo.com, these rumors are most likely true.

Joystiq.com also writes that “The most convincing comes from Eurogamer, which reports that a source has confirmed Activision is working on a revamped version of the classic Nintendo 64 shooter for the Wii and DS to be released this November. The game is supposedly being developed by n-Space and Eurocom, the latter of which created the N64 version of The World is Not Enough. The source also mentioned the publisher will showcase the title for the very first time at E3, so we won’t have to wait long to learn if this unnamed tipster is on the money.”

Myself along with Ryan Taillon, Roger Hansen, and Chase McCullough of the StrengthGamer team will be at E3 this year giving you a lot of in-depth coverage.  Now our sole mission is to find this game and let you know what it’s truly like.  Wow, my Saturday just got a lot better!

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