New Project Natal Prototype Spotted Microsoft says design still isn’t final.

One of the biggest mysteries in gaming currently surrounds Microsoft’s upcoming motion camera, Project Natal. Not only has the company been secretive about the price of the device, but the final name and model design still haven’t been confirmed.

In April, pictures of test kits surfaced on the internet showing the device colored black. The photos also confirmed Natal would use an independently motorized tilt mechanism. Since then, Natal has appeared with a new white color scheme at recent media and consumer events.

Now, Natal has showed up yet again at the 2010 D8 Conference in California this week. Tech blog Engadget posted photos of Natal’s latest incarnation. This model has “No Manual Tilt” written on the front, and “Development Sample” on the back.

– Engadget

“We’re constantly evaluating our technology and always looking for ways to enhance our products and experiences,” a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN when asked about the photos. “We have not announced full technology details for “Project Natal” at this time.”

“The “Project Natal” sensor used for recent consumer and media demonstrations is a prototype only and does not necessarily reflect the final product.”

The Seattle Times managed to get video of the Natal demonstrations. The first video is a tech demo of the 1:1 player movement, the second is the dodge ball game Microsoft has shown previously. The Times mentions “Polaroid-type” pictures were taken by Natal as they played.

Microsoft is set to unveil Natal at E3 later this month. Is this the design we’ll see at their conference? Internet rumors suggest Natal could cost $149.99 and would be released this coming October.

From IGN

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