ZEN Studios’ Planet MiniGolf Available Now Exclusively on PlayStation®Network!

Budapest, Hungary—June 1, 2010—ZEN Studios announced today that Planet MiniGolf is now available on PlayStation®Network for $9.99 / 7.99EURO! ZEN has applied its acclaimed ball physics seen in their pinball titles to Planet MiniGolf, bringing the ultimate mini-golf experience to PlayStation.

“We are extremely pleased with how Planet MiniGolf turned out. We have a title that offers everything gamers want – fine-tuned game mechanics, beautiful graphics, social connectivity and serious competition,” said Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director of ZEN Studios. “Planet MiniGolf really represents what we pride ourselves in doing here at ZEN – building quality products and supporting them with a constant stream of DLC far after initial release. With that, keep your eyes out for new courses in the near future, as well as some revolutionary new support features (hint hint)!”
Planet MiniGolf delivers a deep single-player campaign with beautiful and intricate courses and over 140 challenging holes to play through, as well as a multitude of fun multi-player and customization options.

Planet MiniGolf features:
• A deep and engaging single player campaign that takes players through fantastically designed courses with over 140 different holes
Worldwide Tournament Play – Set up personal tournaments with a group of friends or go online up against gamers from around the world!
Golf Course Editor – Build, manage and share golf courses…make them crazy, challenging and wacky and then upload to share them online!
Multi-national Game – Countries in the world are represented on the global leader boards – earn high scores for international bragging rights!

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